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Personalized Bankruptcy & Debt Management

Clear the way for a bright future with bankruptcy and debt management from our firm in New Kensington, Pennsylvania. Tough financial times bring hardships that sometimes require professional assistance. McCalister Law Office, Philip V. McCalister Esq., is a full-service, debt-relief law firm assisting individuals, families, and small businesses struggling with overwhelming debt.
Attorney Philip McCalister offers accurate advice that is critical to your financial future. The key to his success is in taking the time to understand each client's special needs. This enables him to provide straightforward counsel regarding available options and their advantages/disadvantages.
Legal Documents - Bankruptcy Management

Debt Relief

Instead of being weighed down by burdensome debt, let McCalister Law Office, Philip V. McCalister Esq., create solutions that eliminate those liabilities and bring relief to your circumstances. We'll help you turn your financial story into one of success.

Your Personal Advocate

During trying financial times, you need a strong advocate in your corner to stand up to collectors. Our law firm provides the professionalism and expertise required to handle the most difficult situations.
• Personalized evaluation of your case.
• Assessing your individual needs.
• Provide peace of mind, by helping you clearly understand every detail of your case.
• Attorney Philip V. McCalister Esq. will walk you through your case step by step.
Protect your assets and your future, with bankruptcy management from McCalister Law Office, Philip V. McCalister Esq.